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Friday, November 28, 2008

LOL. like emi said,cuteness overload. its so freaking funny man.
Yoochun's armpit hair and when he fell from the chair.
That was all so random.
haha. and when he fell from the couch he put all the blame on the couch.
Oh gosh. can they be any dorky that that.
Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Two girls from China,(assumed as china cassies,cause they're in love with jae) threw a bag at Changmin when DBSK were in the Kimpo Airport. ! One of them also cursed him, "你才不得好死,你全家不得好死!"
it means, "Why don't you die?! Your whole family should die!"
There was a video of it. But it was removed i've no idea why.
And apparently they're admin and mod of
Proof of biased people. aish.
Oh trust me people,that site has virus.
Don even try to copy paste that url.
And i found this info too.
Its an article from soompi.

My sister who's in Korea says that the two girls can't really be considered Jaejoong's fans. They've liked a bunch of Korean stars, and Jaejoong is just one of the recent ones that they liked, so they aren't really Jae's fans.

After the performance (AN: I'm not sure which one they're talking about), something did occur between them and Jaejoong and Changmin. My sister, who went to the performance, said that while DBSK was offstage, Jaejoong and Changmin went to the bathroom. The bathrooms weren't locked, so the two girls followed them in. It was the men's bathroom too. Jaejoong looked angry but didn't do anything, however, Changmin was very mad. He might have verbally retaliated or scolded them, which is why the girls got angry.

Shortly afterward, the two girls rushed into DBSK's resting room and cursed at them in English. When their manager ran in, they also started screaming at him. Lots of Cassiopeia (AN: Chinese Cassies only, I would assume) found out about this, but my sister said that she didn't expect the two girls to pursue DBSK all the way to the airport and cause a scene there.

Once my sister told me this, I checked on the Korean sites for news but nowhere did it say that DBSK was actually hit. But Korean Cassies who were at the airport did upload pictures of the two girls onto CY (AN: I think that's Cyworld?). Most Korean Cassies don't know about this (the bathroom incident). Yet, only what happened at the airport.

Credits: Soompi

But i doubt that fan account too.
Oh well,only changmin knows what happened.

But i sure hope nothing happens to both of them.
1.changmin dont freaking understand chinese,so he'll probably just ignore it.
2.People who(will) hur those 2 girls will leave a very very very bad impressions to dbsk.
3.changmin is smart enough to not take the comment as something that would ruin his entire life.
4.He's fine now and we should forget bout it and move on.
♥ people.
Tuesday, November 25, 2008

John was in random mode.
John has bad sense of direction.
John's definition of high is driving insanely.
John is like hamster.
John is corny.
John is a corny hamster.
John is cliche.

Everything you need to know about john.

I miss Garry. LOL.
I miss my soulmates~

I wanna eat "cheese nan". wahaha. blame john.
♥ Star King rocks bebeh!
Monday, November 24, 2008

StarKing 081122 is out bebeh.
but its not the full of it.

Part one is out.[with eng subs]

That girl is amazing~
She sang winner takes it all. Amazing voice i must say.
but the duet with junsu it was okay. but she has talent bebehs!

Part two:

If i can dance like that,i love myself to death man.
and they're only 10 and 12 years old. I FEEL SO SMALL. sigh.

Part three:
Cute kids lol.

Part 4:
This is like my fav. Agyeo shaking dance. muahaha.
♥ the truth
Sunday, November 23, 2008

The truth revealed bebehs.

It was yunho,junsu and changmin la. hahaha.


Changmin was like,"wth?" and jumps. haha.
Junsu,as always act like nothing.
Yunho looked at it. haha.
who the heck so dumb go put that freaking mat or carpet whatever that is there,on the stage where people perform.
i bet if female performers that were using heeels dance there,woah. u don wan me to get there.
not professional at all. but people make mistakes don't they?
so i forgive the organizer. haha.

P.S: Its the 29th blue dragon award.
♥ woo~~
Thursday, November 20, 2008

Oh my Oh my.
Just watch whatever-those-cassie-ask-me-to-watch-punya-show-and-i-dun-remember-the-name.

I have no idea who slipped just now.
Clar insisted it was joongie and junnie.
My guess is yunnie and junnie. haha.
hahaha. i hope i'm right so i get to kena belanja yum cha.
I'm thrilled.
Oh my chunnie,your hair shining under the light. hahahaha.

Currently working on a vid.
Currently working on banners too.

and and and oh,
I miss powerhouse~

Junnie's birthday in one month time! haha.
i know its a long way to go. but a girl can dream right?
Wa. what a long post.
♥ Forum bebeh.
Wednesday, November 19, 2008

CSSPF my another family.

I can say bye bye to prom dance liao.
I CANT JOIN! cause have to babysit. sucks right?
I know. gosh.

Another piccie for you guys. I'm too bored.
Gosh. i made banners but not nice one. hahaha.

OH wait! tell you what.
I have new soulmate.



now piccies,

♥ RElieved.
Sunday, November 16, 2008

I'm so relieved when i saw this. seriously.

Your friends list may be inaccurately displayed. Please be assured your friends list will be accurate soon. - Friendster Team

Short post rules.
♥ His hair.
Saturday, November 15, 2008

Chunnie got a new hairstyle.
But i love his mushroom hair more. I dunno why.

[c=22][b]Natalia a.k.a. nathaniel[/b][/c=20] says:
i dun really like mickey

See that? Natalia doesn't like my chun. HMPH. haha.
Oh well. Piccies. here. Yeah.

Tu his hair. wakaka.[sorry its blur. its just caps you know.]

Jang Geun-Suk. If you watch Hong Gil Dong you'll know who. haha.

Am i the ONLY ONE who watch channel 303 here?
Hong Gil-Dong talks bout this guy who's a thief,he's like robin hood.
Its good, you should watch it. yeah you. The movie like last time last time one. You know like those cantonese movie. Princess. King. yes those.
Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I just realised that i wrote "can" instead of "can't" in my previous post.

That invisible T make me so full of myself. hahaha.
*smiles sheepishly*

O0o0o. Its turns out that she deleted the videos people!
Woohoo. i think you know,since you tried to view the videos right? haha.
Oh well. World peace suddenly arrive. yeah yeah.
I know i'm fantasizing. is that how u spell it? haha. *shrugs*

Fanfics here i come!
But some of them not nice one.
Like seriously.
Trust me.
♥ Talents.
Monday, November 10, 2008

Why oh Why can I write such nice fanfics?
I sometimes wonder where they get their ideas from.

One of the best sites ever.
Talented writers. Undiscovered ones.
♥ This is just plain stupid.
Saturday, November 8, 2008

Hey,if you don care bout what people think bout you,
Why do u even waste your PRECIOUS time to do a video SPECIALLY for her??
So speak for yourself. Calling people bitch?
Gosh you. Ugh. you are officially the talk of the town and i think u know it.
I know you're proud of it. But guess what U shouldn't be.
Cause by posting ridiculous videos of yourself,you just flush your reputation down down the toilet or perhaps the drain my dear.
And whats up with that freaking little comment?
That is just wrong.
And the swearing?? Disgust me. I think i felt a lump in my throat. eeew.
u kinda made me puke. oopssssssss.

P.S: Form three people aren't seniors. Gosh. You guys sre still JUNIORS!

And people i put this video here not only because kathlyn's a friend of mine or i have anything against her(the girl in thar vid).
You'll get what i mean after u watch that video.
And this is the only place where i can express me feelings. ugh.
I hope u understand.


♥ Names people.
Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Susan- 수잔
Bobby -바비
Bryan -브라이언
Christine -크리스틴
Danielle - 다니엘
David -데이빗
Gary -게리
Jared -제라드
Jessica -제시카
Joanne -조안
Joey -조이
John -존
Jenny -제니
Kathlyn - 캐스린
Natalia - 나탈리아

Last but not least,
안드레아 ANDREA!!
♥ hmm?
Sunday, November 2, 2008

Gaya christmas! Here i come. weeeeee~~~

I misplaced my purse today. In likas servay.
Ahaha. I didnt even realise until this ladyannounce it. LOL.
I was like,"did they just called my nama?" I asked the singas.
But they weren't paying attention to the announcement.
ahaha. Then the lady pronounced my name wrong again.
Geez. My name is ANDREA not ANDRE.
I did not make that A invisble you know. ahahaha.

Armpit face??
ya la.
Those meanies sucks. haha.
But i love them.. yay!!