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Tuesday, June 30, 2009



♥ Shizz-hizzy.
Saturday, June 27, 2009

Cell group was a-we-so-me. Too bad had to go home before the movie finishes.

Woo. Today was AWESOME TOO.
our dance was like better than i.u day's.
Reallllly. it was more synchronised. haha.
then we watched Drag Me To Hell.
Gosh i hate the old lady.
I know im a little late, but who cares la.
it's like so creepy and disgusting.
blame the face closing and loud screaming. HAHAHA.
I admit that i was freaked out like hell okay..
But so nice ohhhhh the movie . haha.

Nyaha. But somebody pissed me off, so i decided to head home.

Im addicted to Hot Issue, 4MINUTESSSSSSS.
I wanna learn the dance la, so cute. haha.
watch it, so colourful ohhhh.

Bonus. SNSD comeback stage.
I dont like the brown outfit, i rather the white.
But oh well, and light blue heels OMG.

Music Core Perf. Weee. Better than Mu i think.
♥ Genie for your dreams!
Friday, June 26, 2009

I sound like a lesbian, nyaha.
AHAHA. Watch it anfd you'll know.

♥ K Pop.
Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Wee. SNSD's Genie is hawttttt. *sssttt*
I love love love their marine like outfit. They all so pretty oh.
Grr. Click to enlarge. Wee. Their pretty legsssss.
Credits: allkpop.
Oh yeah, i forgot to credit the owner of the picture in my previous post.
So credits to you! haha.
That was so lame.

SOOYOUNG'S LEGS OMFG. dsa;lt;kymghkrkyl

Close up.

I just watched this crystal clear video of dong bang in NHK performing Stand By You.
KYA. Micky *insert heart here*
So awesome oh them. *squeals.*
And i think Jae's hair like never grow ni. HAHA.
Chun's hair is getting toooo long no?
I like the stage la, blue and green. SUPERB.
*insert spazzing-related face expression*

I wanna hug SU. :)

Soweoneul malhaebwa! :D
♥ Outfits bebeh.
Monday, June 22, 2009

Im gonna wear a dress?
Ui, Amanda, black can ka?
I only got black oh. Ok one bah kan?
and hell i don't have converse la.
The normal school shoes i got la.

John, you confirm become our photographer? HAHA.
:D :D :D :D
Oooo. I love that emoticon.

Anyways, today was the most most most super shocking day ever.
Like so many news ni.
But i diam2 ja la.

To all 24 players, sorry about the jerseys issue.
You guys ask me also, my answer is always " i don't know".
And we need a new destination this saturday.

oh yeah, and i was pissed today.
You know why?
I kena ma, cause of nota physics. Wtfreak.
The whole class also not lengkap la. Why only 5 of us?
make me emo in class ja. CRAPNESS.
And bryant wanted to commit suicide and convert into islam, cause he's stress of doing moral work.
I feel bad for him. HAHA.

I suck. GAH.

P.S: you make me wanna bite you. BIKIN PANAS!

We'll never know what's at the end. ♥

♥ Just, Loving You
Saturday, June 20, 2009

Just, Loving You.
also known as Heavenly Forest.

It was a freaking freaking freaking superb awesome amazing movie.
It was much much much better than Thread of Destiny.
I loved every bit of the movie.
It's in Japanese though. I randomly clicked on it today, and i was hooked.
ahaha, serious. It was effin good.
and yes, i cried. LOL.
Japanese movie always make you cry.
Like 1 Litre of Tears. that one lagi kick. haha.
Mysoju rocks that's why.

Woo. I strongly and highly recommend this movie to all of you.
Especially Danielle and John.

Get ready some tissue before you watch. AHAHA.

Movie review from me?
Wee. Future career.

still recovering. LOL.
♥ I.U Day
Thursday, June 18, 2009

I know this is kinda late.
But whatever la.

Okay, the fact that we didnt win makes me emo.
CRAPNESS. Perfomance and Food and Games got 2nd.
Sialan. so close.
We got only fourth overall. so suckish la.

Anyways,i'm too lazy to rant long bout it.
I love kimchi! And South Korea. LOL.
Bah. I'll embed the performance video. =)

Full performance.

Modern dance cut.
Song: Girls' Generation - Into the New world.

I'm totally proud of the dancers.
nice oh their flowers. LIKE FINALLY OH.
Nyaha. Thanks to everyone for their hardwork.
And those who jaga our booth and help us sell kimchis.
Haha. I love love love love all of you.
Thanks ah. I ask teacher to give you full kokum marks.
I'll try. But to those who left early, tau2 la you all.
Nyaha. no pictures.
Cause too tired. Went like at 7 am to centre point.
11 hours in centre. FWAH. I HATE CENTRE POINT suddenly. haha.

My wanna-watch list:
Drag Me To Hell
17 Again
Hannah Montana : The Movie

and being in 5s4 is hella frustrating.
kena target ma.
thanks to all of you yang buat masalah. our class masuk blacklist liao.
UGH. can't you guys stay out of trouble?

♥ Counting the days.
Thursday, June 11, 2009

2 days to I.U day.
I'm freaking out.
♥ The irony.
Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Nyaha. Interesting day today.
But i'm lazy to explain.
Let's just say that today is a super different day.
Life is so colourful, no?


Speaking of which, I wanted to listen to Proud.
Had not listen to that song for monthsss.
So then, i stumble upon this video where i watched it for like 548765165165 times last year.
It was their Five in the black concert. Kya, super super amazing amazing performance. repetitive.
I cried watching it. I was trying to stay strong. LOL.
But reallly. It was beautiful. The video gave me the chills.
The camera angles makes all of it more feel-ish.
Gah. Omg. One word. Breath taking.
I don't think you would care about it but it's because i'm different from you.
I'm sure cassiopeiaS AROUND THE WORLD felt the emotions too.
Really breaks my heart to see them cry.
The emotions just came out without me realising it.
Maybe it's because i really really love them?
Idk. I never felt this way towards any other artists.
Hurm. I'm feeling weird right now.
See how they affect me so much?
I'll embed the video. But i'm pretty sure every single cassie in the world watched this video.


Nyaha. I'm so so so bored.
then, my computer can't play Mp4 format videos.
This pisses me off. Ugh. I shall download a good player.
Is Mpcstar good? haha.
Grr. I sorta hate Japanese songs.
But dbsk's songs are always good.
You know when I watch JK hits on mtv, Chey, all the japanese songs like crap.
Korean ones are good. HAHAHA. Ketara biased. But reallyy.
I couldnt stand japanese songs. Only dong bang's. WAKAKA.

Current listen: THSK - Stand By You
Nice ni. Ballads ROCK! haha.

The day you left without the words of leaving
This roads scenery and scent seems as if it was changed
The promises we exchanged because I want to be your everything
It was never kept and changes into memories

That time when you were crying alone, if I ran straight to you
Would you still have been by my side?
If I could, I want to say it one more time, that I really like you
My hearts desire for you and my words cant reach you anymore

I wonder where and who you are with
What clothes you are wearing, and what you would be laughing about
Im here and still here
Believing that both of you will meet again

I was thinking without change
Thinking only about you

When you bring me to my mind of your back side with your hair tied
I misunderstood that person over and over again, who looked back
Everytime my phone rang I prayed that it was your name
And lived liked that each day like a wretch

I said I'd forget you but that was a lie, the truth was I simply didnt want to forget you
If behaving as if I didnt care was me, I dont need that anymore
Couldn't feel even a bit of happiness when you're not here
No matter how I try I cant easily stop the tears flowing

Thats why Im calling your name by myself
I dont think I can accept this mournful heart
But theres no ways anymore besides that way

You shined even when you were just here
But those times will never come back again
Even if there is a problem, even if I lose something
I never want to forget that I loved you

I was thinking without change
Thinking only about you
I was thinking without change
Thinking only about you

See? Beautiful song.
Yes Chun i'm thinking only about you. LOL.
Yee, so cheesy oh. haha.
Wee. that's all peeps. Feel the lyrics of the song.
LOL. Very very meaningful.
Till then, ciao loves. hugs.
♥ Bicycles.
Monday, June 8, 2009

Dong Bang rocked the bikes. HAHA. Especially Chun. Reaaaaalllly.

And picture of amanda. LOL.
Click for larger view.

Wee. love the picture on the top right. CHUNNNN.


Edited. Muaha. Nice oh.

Natalia asked me to post this.

To the Quads:
Sorry about the other day.
Yang I ask amanda to delete the

But seriously i couldn't tolerate it la.
What to do.
Just wanna say sorry.
But i felt better after they were deleted

But obviously i offended you

♥ Superb Sunday.
Sunday, June 7, 2009

Wee. Awesome day today.
I love TheQuads. Too bad the pictures are all deleted.
ahaha. The only time i look nice. LOL.
Anyways, going to school tomorrow.
Awesomeness. I can't stand rotting at home anymore.
At least in school got friends. At home, pffft.
Do nothing only.
Aha. I still haven't decide on my performance outfit.
How ohhhhh. Like clueless oh me. Geez.
Screw P&K la. Ugh. good thing i finished almost half of the homework.
UINAH. Andrea rajin buat homework. Nyaha.
Sigh. I miss God. Seriously.
Am in the mood to edit photos. Will post some. but not all.
I miss Dong Bang too.
Sigh. I miss their korean songs. BLAH.
Chun is oh-so-fine. haha.

See. Oh micky you're so fine.
Ahaha. Even SNSD thinks so.
Ooo. Cute dance. gotta love love Jessica and Tiffany's english.

During bakat interact. our jump looks retarded. ahaha.

Original. Non-edited.

Wee. Edited. Photoshop is finally doing its thing. haha..

We're so gonna rock our spot.
And Phroom day is also our photoshoot. MUAHAHA.
*elbows John*
Kan johnnnnn.....
Actually the above original picture isnt the exact pic, but you'll get it.
Till then, gotta go and rest. Tiring day today.
:)I love Bobby and i miss Danielle.

I.U day in 6 more days!!
♥ Splendor?
Saturday, June 6, 2009

Mmmm. Sipping Teh C ping now. haha.
D.I.Y bah.
Sedap ni. * bangga diri *

Am currently texting Jin bebeh, she's in Kedah.
Oooo. So fun. Got competition, eppda i think. LOL.

Wee. I woke up at 2.46pm this afternoon.
FUAH. Unbelievable.
I didn't know i can sleep that long.
After washing up, straightaway do homework.
Gosh, like no life.
Wee. i finished my Sejarah work, but BM still got like a long long way to go.

Then kan, this guy called me.
I don wanna reveal his name. Though i want to so badly.
Our conversation was so effin gay i tell you, not to mention i was like wtfffff-ing the whole time.
Hello? boleh saya tanya satu soalan?
tanya apa?
Kalau org suruh kau pakai swimsuit, ko pakai ka?
apa?! *in a wtf mode, and has the look on my face*
jgnla marah, saya tanya ja.
sia tia marah bha,cuma blur. sia tia tau. *trying to be polite but failed*
oh ok la. bye.
*quickly hangs up*

I rejected his call, den he called again. So i just pick up.
Manatau he ask like that punya question. Crap.
Natalia and amanda, he is bugging me.

Creepy kan? yee. i wonder what will i do when i see him tomorrow.
KYA. maybe will run like crazy. haha.
Anyways, TheQuads needs a new picture.
With good camera. Anyone, pinjam us your camera.
We wanna camwhore.

We need it tomorrow.
We must.
We will.
LOL. ignore me. HAHA.
anyhoo,credits to the owner of the pictures below.

Ooooo. Nicole Ong. Pretty. And she's only 19 wtfff.
Anyways, I want that dress! Porgie & Co. in 1borneo.
Dunno the price but it's in their summer/spring 09 collection.
So nice oh. Crap. click the image for LARGER view.
seriously, the picture is huge.

I'm gonna dance dance in the freedom i know. :)
♥ Hello earthlings.
Friday, June 5, 2009

Hello penduduk bumi.
How was your day? My day was awesome.
Heh. Went to chool, then slept in school.
I know, retarded morning right?
I slept cause we couldn't work with the kayu-kayu because they were all wet due to the rain last night.
So we need to wait it to dry, and i made full use of the waiting time.
Then good thing the others escaped from add maths class and helped us.
Then, we said we wanna go depan all saints makan, but delay cause we were dancing.
was discussing bout the booth, never ending discussion this. Haha.

Aha. Lazy to explain every detail.
I adore♥ our teamwork today.
Eventhough we were sweating like crazy because of all the hammering and sawing.
So funny la, played volleyball using basketball.
So fun. eheheh.
Woo. Then the polystrene glue sucks la!
Dont stick de ni. hahaha. sot. 7.50 for nothing.

*holds ball in hand,stands into position and ready to shoot*
if masuk, i run one round bha.
*shoots and the ball masuk ni miraculously*
*cheers*, run la , what you waiting for?

ALA edmund. totally PWNed. hahaha.
our conversation was in chinese FYI.

Lame la my day.
Oh yeah, i didnt scold the traditional dancers today. cause i wasn't pissed. LOL.
Cause they sorta practiced themselves today.
uiyoh, ada improvement.
but kan, only 7 came today.
All of you better come this monday oh.
May wong text you all sudah.

Does anyone have any ideas how to freaking stick polystrene together?
Those super big piece ones.
Gam kasut ok ka that? haha.

I.U day countdown: 8 more freaking days. FWAH.

Status: Going crazy. but according to amanda, i already am.
edit: i forgot to credit the owner of the picture. credits to you! ily.
Besties. They make me move.
♥ doomed.
Thursday, June 4, 2009

Okay. The fact that i'm effin pissed and mad on Yoochun's birthday sucks.
It was suppose to be a super nice day with my mind filled with Yoochunnie face,laugh and everything about him.
But noooo. They must piss me off.

Especially the traditional dancers, disrespecting May.
Oi, you think May Wong is your dog ka, step her head like that?
she's your leader la wtfffffffreak.Grr.
when she say got practice, it means GOT PRACTICE.
And if you're not coming to practice, can you at least spare a freaking minute of your OH SO PRECIOUS time to text her?
Like today, only 1 person came up to practice.
And there's 12 in the team. Gosh. You guys really need a super big scolding from me.
I will do it tomorrow. You think i don't dare, pfft.
Crossing the line like that. Minta sepak ja kamu semua.

Then kan, the others. speechless.
i wanna like strangle them if i can.
but instead i kept all of this inside.
But im not anymore right, since i'm ranting here.

The dancers don't know what COMMITMENT is.
Please ah, can't commit don't join la in the first place.
Waste my life only. When people ask got transport or not at noon, all say yes.
But what happened today? NONE OF YOU CAN MAKE IT.
Without giving me any reasonable reason. ABSURDDDDD.
Suka suka datang, suka suka tidak datang.
You think i wanna dance one ka?
Kena FORCE only. CRAAAP.

Then we have to do other people's job again. PANDAI LA KAMU.
You guys know that we're gonna do it for you if you don't' do it right?
cause teacher will bomb us if it's not done. thanks to you all la.
makes us feel USED.

♥ Randomness.
Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Lee Hom ah Lee Hom, why your songs so catchy?
It gets stuck in my head. LOL.
Just like dong bang's songs. heh.
I must rub that in. Must.

Lyrics from 心跳 by LeeHom.
It means love makes us shed how much tears?
LOL. my translation sucks. But who cares.
You'll get it.

Wee. Went to 1b yesterday.
Bought a black shorts.
Like finallly. I'm in need of shorts bah.
heh. Then saw something awesome.Nyahaha. Go to Porgie & Co and you'll know.
xiaofanqie,this was after i told you i wasn't blogging about it.
So yeah. haha. I'm not lying. i didnt want to blog about it.
but i just wanna write it down. HEHE.
Ate Green Tea donut again. Thanks manda.
So nice oh! See, everything green tea flavoured is nice.
Yeos green tea also sedap. aha.

things to PAY,seriously money is killing me.
Volleyball jersey: Rm35
Manda: Rm18
contacts(maybe): Rm 25
total: infinity.
OMFG. gonna be broke soon. WTFFFFFreak.

Anways, tomorrow got tuition. Adui.
so lame oh. ugh ugh ugh.
OMFG. Cristpfer Ingle is so freaking hot.
And did i mention his voice is superb? haha.
Go google for him.

then kan, Chun's birthday is tomorrow!
i'm excited wtffff :)
credits to whoever owns the chunnie pic.
effect edited my me. freaks.
i know not nice. but was just trying out bah. LOL.
Hey, it's the thought that counts right?

Angel in disguise, no?

♥ wtf, weekdays sucks.
Monday, June 1, 2009

I'm freaking stuck at my freaking home, and i'm like freaking bored to the extent that i'll freaking die any freaking time soon.

WOAH. The irony.
I wanna drink yogurt ice blended thingy in EasyWay!
Craaap. Somebody, spend me 3 bucks! I want that drink.
BE BACK TO EDIT. credits to the owner of the picture below.

Current listen: SuJu - It's You.
Listen. Super nice song. Super Junior bha tuuuuu.

Then kan. I'm off to watch Angela Anaconda. Haha.
I'm too bored bah, and i'm addicted to it.
The theme song super cute i tell you.
Kan aaron?? ahaha. huhuhu.

I'm speechless for now. But whatever la. I love the quads. <3333
kaboom. Tomoro dance prac 8am to 12pm, then need to stay back to do our booth.
CRAAAAAPY. Off to drown myself in videos, Ciao loves.

What i call art. heh.