it's the
vibe in you
♥ the last dance.
Thursday, December 31, 2009

I feel so weird lol.
My brother is like getting ready for school, 3 days more to school.
And me, just sitting around looking at my mum buying school stuff for him.
Sheesh, I'm feeling all weird inside.
My sentence is so weird. LOL.

Ehhhhhhh, Amanda removed her link ni.
Grr, but even if i removed her link, i already memorized her link.
So what's the use of removing her link eh?
And i'm too lazy to edit my template anyways, codes make my dizzy.
Speaking of which, i think i should change my layout.
New year, so it needs a new look. :DD

I'm so crapping myself to the world.
that was quoted from natalia.

I should have a picture spam soon.
Oh oh, i need to upload the pictures of last night.
Dream food and Yogurberry yo. Awesome shizz.
Uploading pictures in blogger is such a pain. Sighhh.
Alaaaaaaa, my mum brought the camera.
Crapness. Maybe tonight i will upload.

My typos are so annoying.
Blame andrea. HAHAHAHA.

Anyways, i'll edit this later tonight.
When i get my hands on the camera. HOHOHOH.
Eshley loves his present :)
Phew, big relief.
We got him a Nike shoe bag, and teal and purple shoelaces.
So nice ni the shoelaces. Chiu.

So long fairies and angels of the world. I'll be back. :D
♥ head-banging attitude.
Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Because I don't care. :)
Block la block, now you can't see me bash you.
HAHAHA. i'm so freaking happy.
I'm glad you did that :D
Gladly. OMG, goood.
You get to unite with him and live happily ever after.
I'm so happy for you.

Major pet-peeves:
1. You.

2. the way people type lolx, hahax and etc.
Piss me off man. It is meant to be lol and haha. Can u freaking laugh with an x at the back?
Obviously not. Only cina bengs do that, eww.
Disgusting. lolx. I think i just died typing that.

3. People that abuse the ♥♥ sign.
Sheesh, i know you can type the heart thingy majingi, but must you put it EVERYWHERE?
I guess it's a must for you.

4.When i'm hungry. LOL.

Anyways, i have to go for a food-hunt.
My fridge like got nothing ni.
So much for a big fridge. HAHAHAHA.

SBS Gayo Daejun.
ejtjbhojaskgjairn so awesome.
All the MJ tribute so cool. :D
Hyperventilating. AGAIN.
LOL. I've spent the whole night spazzing over kpop stars.
F(x) did some magic, but so fake. lol. Got the secret hole on the floor there.
Where donghae and shindong magically come out. Yeah right.
The camera angle bah lol.
Anyways, i'll embed the video here.
They shortened the Chu performance. sigh. :) But the rap is still there. ehehehe.

YOu're gonna love your present, cause we made effort to find them for you.
LOL. Super awesome dinner, here we come! :)

I am super glad that i'll never see you again. =)
♥ Rainism.

Oh yeah, rainism.
LOL. Haven't heard that song for so long. :)
Currently watching Art of Seduction.
sigh, buffering crapness again.
Rain is so strict lol, big boss vibe he gave me.
He was trained by JYP right, so i guess we know where he learned it from.

I'm hugging my pillow while im typing.
Its kinda hard to type, but im too lazy to put it away.
oh wells.
I'm super tired today. idk why.
im suppose to be in bed, but i can't sleep. haha.
My legs hurt like heck right now, i can't even walk straight.
indirectly saying i walk retardedly.
it's from the dancing this morning, *coughcoughgettingoldalreadycoughcough*
do it chu~ it's true true true true true it's you~
jeng jeng jeng~ That song wont get out of my head.
And why is Ee Syinn so addicted to Ring Ding Dong?
Idk why. lol. I only liked the song, but not the extent it is addicting.
Though Minho is addictive. winks winks winks. lol.

My sis hit my mp3 when it was charging(usb port on the computer) yesterday.
yeah. then the tip is kinda bent right now, and the cover wont really fit.
you'd have to force it in, rather than the easy-slipping-in method.
i bet the cover will crack in no time.
I'm depressed. Sigghhhh. My beloved mp3.
:(( Still new again that. T.T

i have to learn to be humble.
seriously. and i need to be more patient.
new year resolution?
nahhh, nonsense la new year resolution.
i don usually achieve one.
okay enough of my crapping. :)
Sleep well dollies.
Tomorrow will be a better day. :D

btw, Powerhouse reunion is tomorrow night omfg.
excited? not really, i cant go out with my legs looking like this.

till then homosapiens.
i love you. =)

Current listen: Rascal Flatts - Bless The Broken Road. (super nice song!)
♥ the soul reason.
Sunday, December 27, 2009

Oh yesh, backtracking is such a pain.
Sigh, but i love it.
LOL. I love the holidays because i own the computer.
hehehehe. Sucks to be you. LOL.

I just got back from Angie's.
Oh yeah, learning the do it do it chu~ dance.
Almost half. I think. I learned half of it la, the other less than half(?).
Oh yeah, we're so dope that we can learn half in err, lets see 3 hours.
I'm taking Krystal part. OMG. she's so pretty. :)
I wanted Luna, but oh well. They say i suit Krystal, so whattheheck la.
I'm happy with my part though.
Jessica is Victoria, nah flip la you if you can. ahahahaha. (she cannot bah that's why)
nehmind, it's not like i can also. kan sica? i still love you.
I like Angie's enormous mirror. Can fit all 5 of us. Mcm studio. lol.

Quads, the pictures are on picasa.
buzz me wherever la, fb or msn.
So I can give you the link. kay?
LOL. I kept bugging John ni.
Sorry John, but anyhoo you still owe me kimbap.
I observe the pictures kan, i so ugly oh. HAHAHAHAHHA.
You all nice la, models in the making.
Ish, i'm so freaking jealous.
Get lost, before i hit you in the face. LOL. no bah, kidding.
I'm trying to act like a werewolf you know, i will transform when i'm mad and i'll hurt you if you stand too close.
:D sorry for my nonsense.

I'm off to photoshop.
Lol. I suck at it, but nah preview. Click to enlarge kay.
It's small here.

nah, right click this and save. okie? i love you. LOL.

oh wait, one more picture.
Pouty lips joon. Joon ah, Can you be any cuter?

♥ caught in my throat.
Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Greg is back and i'm so fly.
but my phone no credit, so yeah.
Yeah, a super lame excuse.
But it's what you called life yo. lol.

Finished watching part 5 of MBLAQ Idol Army.
And I can't wait for the next episode omfg. :D
I'm craving for some f(x) MBLAQ interactions.
So please MBC. I'm begging you to bring f(x) to the show.
And I'm stalking soompi right now. =)
I stalk MBLAQ's thread the most.
I love lurking around soompi because the threads are up to date, and i love seeing fan spazz.
kan? kan? kan?

My cousin getting married next year.
01.01.2010. Awesome date.
Air steward and air stewardess oh.
Like i also wanna become air stewardess ni.
ahhaha, as if i can la kan?
The groom is my cousiee. And i love him.

eeeee, so sweet oh.
This two lovebirds. :D ehehe.
Cameron Highlands lagi tu.
I miss Malacca. :(

And I declared my love in facebook. hahahaha.

Ya la, i love her bah.
saya suka jessica olivia sebab dia kili. wakaka.

Okay, so i googled the word twilight today.
I lol-ed at the suggestions.
screencap below.

bha, imma continue stalking soompi.
now, shoo off from my blog. hahaha.


♥ Into my enticement.
Monday, December 21, 2009

I slept at 7am this morning.
No, wait. It's like 6 something.
I watched Idol Army Season5. Only up to part 3, the other 2 parts aren't subbed. :(
So freaking adorable. *dies*
Especially Mir and Joon. Biased much?
And Joon's honey abs. I nearly died looking at his abs.
Sorry Taylor Lautner, you're currently outta my list. lol.

I'm so fly! Part 4 is up on youtube!
tjgnaguhwam6egadfbw#$^& *fangirlkeyboarsmash*


HAHAHA. but the bummer part is, i have to wait it to load. sigh.
As i said in my previous previous (dunno which), my modem hates me.
So yeah. But my love for MBLAQ can conquer this super tormenting moment.

My lips are cracking like crazy.
So pain, it bleeds every now and then.
I need to drink more water.
I promise i'll drink more water. :(
Blood tastes weird, i would never want to be a vampire in my next life.
I'm sorry Edward. HAHAHAHA.
That was so freaking lame.

eh eh eh, i want to share something.

See that? See that? See that?
so cute ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. lol.
okay, before you judge me.
I'm not pro gay okay.
i just love seeing these kind of interaction, but not the lovey lovey kind.
you get what i mean. :)
click to enlarge kay.

okay. i need to watch my long anticipated video.
i love you. :D
♥ Collides and tires you out.

OMG. I'm updating this at 4.09am.
Lol. I was waiting for my mum to get off the computer.
For err, 2 hours. lol.

Went to town with the Quads today.
We had an awesome time, but it was short though.
Mr. Milk is so not awesome anymore :( this saddens me.
Then we hang out in Ee Syinn's house. Uiseh so fun ni.
It was hard to control our volume, but we managed. HAHAHA.
Thank you uncle Andy, for your house. ahaha.

Okay now,
i want to freaking vent my anger.
You can totally skip this part if you want.

Okay look mr.know-it-all,
you texted me and talk like a douchebag and went all rude for what?
I don't freaking care who knows la okay?
It's not my problem.
I heard it from someone's mouth too.
So don't come texting me and saying i went around and told it.
You wanna blame?
Find the right person.
You wanna know what Barron knows?
Go effin ask him.
You wanna know who knows?
Go effin ask around.
WTF. I didn't have any hatred towards you and created it.
You want to ask, at least you ask nicely la.
I would've answered you with super polite and nice tone.
You told me you hate people spreading it?
Try you ask yourself, who was the one spreading it first?!
Is it that effin hard to actually differentiate the right and the wrong?
Sheesh. Ya la, her gang promised wont tell(according to you).
But seriously, how many percent are you sure they will NEVER tell?
And you came asking me about her gang.
What kind of freaking stupid question is that?!
I have this seriously strong aversion towards you, thanks to your own actions.
Decisiveness and judgment skill much? Geez.

I'm done ranting. =)

I feel much much much much much much much better.
The anger in me was let out half. I'm still a little angry though.
But it'll go away if I stop thinking about it. :)

Tomorrow's the dinner with teacher dennis.
And i'm totally broke.
Like Rm0.00 in my purse now.
Christmas presents bah you know.
Can you feel the love of an empty purse?
LOL. I guess you don't.
Only ee syinn will comprehend my feelings. :D

I'm off to stalk people's tumblr.
And chat with my super-dope-partner-in-crime Jessica. =D

post ended at 4.53am.
lol so long.





Can you spot the ThunderJoon love? :D
♥ Time of the day.
Friday, December 18, 2009

Nichkhun spam.
Because i've been fangirling over this thai-chinese hunk the whole day. :D

♥ Oh the irony,

Why is everyone cussing in their status?
Pain to my eyes ni. Sheesh.
Nothing better to say meh?
Good thing i deleted those people from my friend list,
I was going to clear my friends list anyway.
So i did. heh.
The feeling is so awesome. AHAHAHA.
Deleting people I don't know.

Last night was so massive.
I was texting like 5 person at once, and my battery went low so fast.
Because somebody was acting rude, lol.
You want to be rude, go ahead.
Ever heard of karma? One day you'll gonna get treated like that.
The pictures again. Oh my tian.
Nothing is impossible when it comes to you.
I underestimated you.
Have some respect for yourself would you?

Quads. I can't go out on sunday.
Have to babysit. meh. lame.
haha. My sis is going somewhere.
I dunno where.
Sorry. =\

Uiseh, record.
updating once a day.
Awesome bah, if not amanda will complaint again.

I'm home alone now.
And it's raining, nothing to watch on tv.
Jessica's not on msn.
So sad oh my life. lol.
I shall go to youtube and indulge in Korean videos. :)

Ooohhh, pouty lips joon. loves.
♥ Fallin’ love spaceship.
Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas is just around the corner.
I don't feel anything.
Not even a hint of excitement in my heart.
Is Christmas presents so important?
I pondered on this for so long.
When it's Christmas people talk about presents, not Christmas itself.
True meaning of Christmas is concealed.
Shrugs. My opinion.

Anyhoo, I want to dance so bad.
I miss dancing so so so so so much.
Not to say I'm very good at it, but i just like to dance.
You want to say i dance ugly go ahead la. lol.
I shall train my patience. HAHAHAHA.
idiotic thoughts running through my mind.

Did i ever mention i hate this Disney channel new cartoon?
Upin & Ipin.
Super freaking lame show.
The cartoon defines the word LAME so perfectly.
They talk so emotion-less. OMG.
You should watch to comprehend my feelings.
And the worst part is, my brother loves the show.
Imagine the scene.

LOL. I'm on Amber Chia's website.
I was searching for the meaning of Amber.
Her site came out, so what the hell la i just click.
To be honest, i never liked her.
Sorry to her fans. :)
But i went through her pictures, she has a killer body yo.
I still don't like her. HAHAHAHA.
yes, i am actually that bored.

Greg flew to manila this morning, he'll be there for i-forgot-how-long.
It's either 4 or 5 days. LOL.
Not very much difference i know.
I'm missing him already. :(
I shall be steady. HAHAHAHA.
Note to self: must learn to chill.

OMG, those cina bengs slowly transforming facebook to friendster oh.
Sheesh, they add people like freaking crazy and flood their friend list.
Make fan page for themselves. OMFG.
Please ah, friendster is still there make good use of it.
Not making facebook like friendster.
We don't need another friendster.

MBLAQ! MBLAQ! So cute oh.
Lee Joon is so mine. heheh.
I want his cardigan! Hotness. nyaha.
Amanda, look at Mir's smile at 0:20!
You must watch, i insist.

bah i've said enough in this post.
end it with a picture shall we?

Guys + suits = yummy.
♥ long waited rain in my draughty day.
Sunday, December 13, 2009

Something that made us all go "ohmyfreakinggosh" just happened.
Jeng jeng jeng. LOL.
It's ironic eh?
It was totally unpredictable.
I should just quote amanda,
"no offence but he's not those guys you would drool over and fall in love lo."
It's kinda true though.
We don't know what you see in him, and what he sees in her.
Beauty from the inside maybe.
that's from amanda too. :D

John's coming in 20 minutes time.
And i haven eaten breakfast.
No food. oh wait, more like i'm too lazy to prepare anything.
I'll just wait till lunch and bribe whoever i want. HAHAHA.

SHINee, MBLAQ and BEAST are promoting new songs.
So so so cute ni all their songs.
Especially MBLAQ and BEAST. ngehehe.
I'm biased. Deal with it.
dan saya tidak suka u-kiss, minta maaf.

I can't wait for natalia to come back.
ui you three, a day after natalia come back we go sleepover la.
kay kay kay? Then we have movie marathon. lol.
Is that gonna happen ka in ee syinn's house?
Don't think so though. Fingers crossed. :)

Woots,it's almost time.
So i shall just stop here and um, let you click away from my blog.

woo, awesome hair, and a hot face.

♥ Wedding dress.
Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Yesterday was awesome.
Volleyball yo!
Finally got my hands on the ball.
We were all kinda rusty though.
And got sunburn.
pssshhh, it's weird how i got sunburnt. Because i stood under the sun for only say um 2 hours? something like that. lol.

Then we ALL went to 1borneo.
OMG. Watched new moon the second time.
It's seriously my first time watching the same movie twice in a cinema.
Because it's so freaking nice.
The movie is so effin romantic, and kinda um un-real.
That's what i love about movies. Though the lines were super awkward.
Eclipse you better premiere fast, cause i will hate you if you make me wait super long.
My patience has its limit. lol.

Should I get myself a tumblr?
I mean, I like how u can post a picture in a post,easily.
Blogger is too ma fan.
I shall think about it again.
Managing two blogs are kinda troublesome no?

btw, smokers are so so so so so so so so(i can go on forever but i think i should stop) annoying and irritating omfg.
seriously, can you like get away from me if you smell.
Such douchebags.
Killing yourself slowly.

Since the geek and the freak did a post about me.
I shall write for them too.

Anyhoo, Amanda.
I hope I'll get in the plane with you. lol.
If not, i'll be sending you off and say goodbye.
hahahaha. I'm sorry.

Natalia, faster la you come back.
I want sleepover. :)
ehehehehe. Thanks for the clip, though i dunno how it looks like.
And you better get a pair of super awesome pumps when you go shopping. lol.

Ee syinn, i don't mind squeezing with you.
Cause i loveeeee you. hugs. lol.

I wanna go christmas shopping.
But to my horror, holiday = no allowance.
So, im very sorry if i don't get to buy you all any present.
Because i don even think i can go for Christmas shopping.
I'm so emo right now. T.T

And i think i should stop my ranting now.
This post is getting too long.

Ciao loves. =)

Because we are dope and you're not. :D
♥ Parachute, love.
Thursday, December 3, 2009


I'm so fly.

Because it's gonna end soon. :D
9 down, 1 to go.

It worked fine for me, but recently i have to load like 10 minutes for a 3 minute video.
Waiting kills.
Don't think it's my connection.
Because it started only recently.

Anyway, I've no idea why i'm blogging since i have nothing to say.
Ohh yes. Just because.
And oh guess what?
Somebody got attached.
meh. My source told me he's a playboy.
Jeng jeng jeng, you should be careful.
Guys like him = hopeless.
I don't think he's really into you, but because you're kinda easy so whatthehell.
Idk. *shrugs*
People say you're easy, so i guess that's the main reason?
I just hope you don't get dumped by him.

She ketulahan bah.
Last time she said, ewww and now its omg i love you.
oh please. Snap into reality.

And i hate my faulty modem right now.
When the virus strike, it'll go berserk with the lights blinking rapidly.
Annoying me rapidly too.
Mahu sampai ajal already imo. LOL.
Streamyx had gotten worse nowadays, gahhhh.
Why is it when my sister use it, it's fine?
The modem hates me lol.

Went to Burger King last night.
okay i know what you're thinking.
10 bucks for a meal is ridiculous, but hohohoh.
Somebody paid for my food.
Then went to easy way, Green Apple Green Tea isn't bad.
It's kinda like frenz cafe's.
But i prefer Frenz cafe. =)
Speaking of which, i miss hanging out there.

Okay, i'm gonna stop my crap now.
I bet you're going "wtf" right now.

Oh oh oh I have something for you. :)
I'm sorry if you're offended or anything, but it's just TOO FUNNY.

These macros are so effin funny.
None of them belong to me.
Credit to fykpopmacro. :D
I love this site. Because celebs have the best face expression ever.
I'll post more next time. =)
You gotta admit those pictures are epic okay. hahaha.