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vibe in you
♥ Please Don't Go.
Sunday, November 29, 2009

Trying to get my head off Biology.
Any effective way to study?
Because i think my method isn't working.
I'm trying to read as much as I can.
But like nothing is getting into moi's dumb brain.
I feel so hopeless.
I wish i was a smarty pants like Elijah.
Ohhhhhh, He's one super genius smarty pants.

I think my IQ is below 70.
No seriously.
Whatthehell happened to my brain?
It's retarded. Way beyond retarded.

I feel like giving up and get everything over with.
But as much as I want to do it, I can't bring myself to do it.
I couldn't just ditch Biology, it's freaking SPM.

Anyhoo, I downloaded english songs.
OMG. yes, that's new.
My mp3 has english songs omg. LOL.
But guess what, it is all unknown bands.
HAHAHA. No seriously.
I haven't heard of them until today.
I was just randomly clicking unfamiliar band names.
And I'm glad i did that lol.
Cause they're awesome OMFG.
The Summer Set, Stereo Skyline, The Scene Aesthetic, Nickasaur! and whole lot others.
Indie pop ftw. LOL.

Okay, i've had enough of the internet medicine.
I should get back to my Biology meditation.

But a picture first,

Joon: I'm thinking of you.

I'm thinking of you too. :D

♥ I dreamt of the moment.
Friday, November 27, 2009

OMG. New Moon is oh-so-awesome.
But the script was rather awkward.
Idk. It sounds awkward.

Anyways, i'm freaking out over Biology.
Everyone's asking me where to start.
My answer was only "i don't know".
How pathetic is that? lol.

Moi is currently saddened by the fact that everyone's leaving so soon.
My brother separated at birth, is going to UK.
He was late for tuition, because he was busy doing his passport.
Sigh, I'll be left alone in my own weird freak world.
Both Amandas are leaving too.
Gah. It's coming, but my heart isn't ready for it.

I was near death yesterday.
On the way home. I almost got hit by a motorcycle.
Eiya, the motor came out from nowhere okay?
It was a freaking big arse road.
But i managed to avoid an accident lol.
Serious crap.

I miss Quads. =(

Btw, them boys are so fake.
Please la ah, say you all very good, doubled face juga.
Especially you.
Say what you pura-pura in front of her only.
nah, liar liar pants on fire. budu.
You want to hang with her i don't mind la freak, just don't tell me that you're actually pretending to be her friend.
It's not like i'll kill you if you befriend her.
nah, same standard la both of you now.

You tried to made it better?
Oh no you didnt darling.
You just made everything worse.
People can't see your point, neither can I.
So stop stating your point unless you can make it crystal clear to us.
Cause it's just a waste of time if we don't understand what are you trying to deliver into our heads okay?

Epic moment of the year: nda juga kau kluar?

You're one sexy beast, Joon.

♥ Holding you.
Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sorry, i couldn't resist to blog.
I don't know why.
I think it's because i've found super super super nice pictures.
If you are a female, and you're not attracted to amber then i think you're gay. LOL.
Or is it the other way round? LOL.
But seriously, i couldn't take my eyes off her.

So yeah, pic spam. =)

My fav:

Can you feel the love of Amber?

Last but not least, DongWoonie.

ohoho. okay, enough of that.
I'm still depressed over yesterday, my cell went for a movie.
Curse you SPM, so i couldn't join them.
Yesh, depressed indeed.

And the issue.
People. Please. Understand.
I wanna avoid HER not YOU.
Just keep that in mind.
If any of you don't understand what i'm going through, then i know all of you weren't worth it in the very first place.
Lets just hope i don't completely cut all of you off.
Pray hard.

I'll end this with a video.
A deadly performance. It's a weird concept, but edgy and interesting.
Watch ah, the zombie moves so cool ni. lol.

♥ Listen to my heartbeat.
Sunday, November 15, 2009

I love how my posts' title doesn't fit my post content.
If you're wondering, they're usually extracted from korean songs.
So the above title is from 2pm's new song.
Heartbeat. Jeng jeng jeng.
The song is so super weird and awkward and deadly.

This is gonna be my last update until December 8th.
Oh yeah, can't wait for chemistry paper.

And I was bored, since my brain was too full of sejarah stuff.
Kerajaan Bani Umaiyah and Laporan Barnes crapness.
Somebody teach me how to remember the Islam names!
And yeah, i was bored so I edited a photo of me.
Photoshop wonders.
Didnt use much effects, but at least i had fun editing it.

I can't believe i'm saying this but i think i am interested in photography.

Need to sleep.
So yeah.
My new loves.

Cuteness overload. adores.

You're crazy if you don't think the one at the left(2nd&3rd pic)is hot. LOL.

♥ So uninspiring.
Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ooohhh, keep making yourself look good because you need it.

And what you told him is all crap la kan freak?

Way double-faced than I am.
oh, yes. I can be double-faced at times.

Oh, you want to judge the way i do things?
bahhhhhh, judge all you want.
But do remember that you never appreciate him when you were with him.
You lost him because of your attitude.
So, go figure.

And can you guys stop asking me why am I not friends with Kathlyn anymore?
It pisses me off to the core okay?
Every single day, you people kept asking me.
Look, just accept that we're not friends anymore.
And if you really wanna know why, go ask around.
Because i wouldn't tell you why.
It's none of your business, so i wouldn't tell you.
And one info.
Yeah, the friendship went dead because of me.
I decided to end it, so you want to bash me?
Go ahead.
I rather be bashed than fake.

And Kathlyn, if you're wondering whether i hate Jons,
The answer would be no, but i dislike him sometimes because he cussed at my face that day.
Not because he helped you, i don't care about him helping you, it's his business, not mine.
Nobody knows the truth like he does because we don't even know what the truth is.

Oh and if you want to puke,
think twice because the boys hang in the corridor as well.
The way ain't theirs also.
You might as well bash them too right?

And go tell everyone that i terasa your post.

I don't care if you don't forgive us.
We don't crave for it.
We don't want you to stand for us, because it's a waste of time.
Face it, we wont appreciate you like Jons and BJ do.

And next time, please don't take your virginity as a joke.
You made a fool out of us.
And that "we don't mess with our friends" statement, are you serious?
You messed with the trust we had in you.
When you think about us backstabbing you, think about you lying to our faces okie?
It'll help a lot.
♥ So pick up the slack.
Monday, November 9, 2009

Woah, you have so much hatred in your heart.
I wonder how you live through your life.
You bother me so much. Gah.

I wish i can just close my eyes and ignore everything you're doing.
But you're so loud everywhere, even the gestures you make are so freakishly big.
I can't help but notice you. I guess you're proud of it.

And you were so effin rude that day, i was talking to him when you barge in the conversation and talked to him.
Geez, did your manners run away because of your attitude?
I think so.

And seriously, if you don't care can you stop blabbing about everything?
It pisses me off when you say A this second and B the next second.
You got split personality is it?
And FYI, you brought it up yourself.
No one knew about it, until you went blabbing about it to everyone.
And act as if you're the victim and wants pity from other people.

I don't think you'll get to read this in any way.
But at least i feel better ranting here.

I may not be any better than you, but at least i'm not a big fat liar.
♥ I am trusting this trembling heart,
Friday, November 6, 2009




f(x) new mv so nice ohhhhhhhhh.
I wanna steal their outfits gila.
And Sulli's blue headphones.

Gah. And Amber's superman shirt.
Am i the only one that think Sulli's dress rock arse with the tights?
And the cap. Weird style, but so effin gorgeous.
crapness oh.

Blue blue blue. I want.

The shizzzzzzzz.

Credit: as tagged.

Now for the video,

Lets faint together! hahaha.
Victoria's table-top flip was so jackass-ish. LOL.

Earlier today. Real potential people. =)
♥ Fluttering.
Thursday, November 5, 2009

Deleted, all gone.
gag me.

I'm still indecisive for now. blehhh.

I pity him la, they have the effin chance to be together.
But time wouldn't allow them to.
Screw time.
Gahhhh I'm so freaking depressed right now.
For them. meh.

Nah tu la, biar la bah saya like to hang with him.
My choice bah. My circle of friends.
Suka betul cari pasal, syok la kau kena maki2 org sebelah.
Because of you kan, i don't want to even look at them oh.

I hear your voice also i rasa irritated oh.
So please don't add on the annoyance.
You're lucky i didnt scold you.
You think i tidak berani?
Chey, kalau la. its just because i don't want to kasi malu you bah.
ehhh wait, don't think you will be.
bahh, sudah tebal macam great wall of china mana pandai malu kan?

Call me hypocrite la, i don't mind.
Because when it comes to you, anything negative will come out of me.
See the way you walk also i wanna kill myself oh you know.
That's how much i don't wanna see you.
You are just filled with excuses,constantly blaming other people.
please la, ko ingat ko cute ka buat gitu?
yeeeeeee, if you're really cute kan you don't have to act like you are.

Seriously, where's your dignity?
It's suppose to be personal.
bah but you took it like its somekind of joke.
DOI GIA. Piss me off, saya dengar pun saya rasa malu oh kau tahu ka?
Pandai2 mengugut lagi there, the truth is cause you know its impossible, that's why it came out from your mouth so confidently.

I wish you all the best in your life, and may it is filled with colours. HAHAHAHAH.