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♥ Nothing was as easy as i imagined.
Monday, October 26, 2009

oh screw you.
I feel like killing myself right this point.
I can't believe everyone looked at me that way.
I'm like faking it the whole freaking time, i guess i think too much?
But they say i should be angry.
I choose to shrug them ALL off to avoid conflicts, but it's getting worse these days.

It's like i'm invisible, and my words doesn't register to her brain.

I tried to be a friend, but you wont let me.

Do you think i like doing it? Knowing that you're a good person at heart, but your actions always blurred that good person.
Seriously, where's that person i first met?
She has changed.
Everyone said so.
You weren't like that, NEVER was.
I wonder what has got into you. everyone wondered.

Sometimes you live in your own world, and ignored everyone around you.
It hurts to the core to know you're my friend after EVEYRTHING you've done.

I heard stuff about you, I always put those in the back of my mind and continued fighting for the friendship we had.
But recently the fighting spirit has slowly fade.
You have proven to me once again it's not worth to fight for it.

You call me your friend and you constantly belittle me.
I learn to not trust anyone right now.
Only God himself. I can only trust him for now.

You and your little stories kills the trust little by little.
Now, do you see where you're going?

I am between a rock and a hard place.

I hope i find the old you.

Maybe i should let him go to avoid all of this?
I tried to not mind, but i just can't.

Somebody save me before i jump out of my window.
And in case you don't know, i live in an apartment.
It would be a hard fall.
♥ Chocolate ♥.
Thursday, October 15, 2009

Meh. Missed bus today.
Had to take public bus home. The journey was so so so so HOT.
LOL. I hate the raging sun.
Walking under the sun makes me moody.
Then when i reached home, saw uncle bus. AHAHAHA.
He was like: "eh why you don't follow bus just now?"
Grrrr. I didnt know today small bus bahhhh, i only looked out for the HUGE bus you always use. wakakaka.
Then another uncle say i went pak toh, aiyooo.
Please la uncle, so absurd oh you. :D
I rather follow you than go pak toh okay, proves how much i love following you.
Eee, sound so wrong.

Woots. oh oh oh, today kan. I so semangat do add maths.
Though it pisses me off the WHOLE FREAKING TIME, at least i'm showing some progress in studying no? I'm gonna continue later. Maybe physics?
Nah, did that yesterday. haha. I'll do maths.
And i am determine to buy more books. Or at least read more.
I feel so stupid because of my lack of reading.
It's a shame i only read english. Malay and chinese is a BIG NO for me.
I don't feel inspired reading chinese and malay, idk why. Meh.

Installation is around the corner.
woots woots. Lok Yuk-ians are all invited, but pay your own ticket.
Rm55. Its pricey i know, but hey 1st Joint Installation in the history people.
Go or you shall regret. Ask me for more details. :D
I would be more than happy to answer anything, ehehehe.
But buy ticket from Amanda Avril, not me. And seats are limited ahhh.
Do book earlier okay, and serious buyers(?) only.
We don't want to end up returning the tickets because of you backing out, kay?
And Eloise is performing! Woots. Come and support her. :D

OHOHOHO. I totally feel like a pervert now. Explanation below video.

They're Rain's new boyband(not really a band cause they don't play instruments, but band sounds better than a group).
Yes, meaning to say Rain is their big boss. LOL.
I love Rain for debuting these hot guys. AHAHAH.
And i can't stop staring at Joon's chest(who ask him to show so much skinnn??)
the song isn't that good, but dance wise quite good.

Nah, who says amber isn't cool?! She rap like so awesome ohhh.
Gah. I want oh this phone. LG oh LG.

Charisma overload.

♥ Just a Feeling.
Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Woots. Had accounts today.
Crappy accounts.
Quote from amanda. HAHAHA.

Anyone noticed John is ALWAYS thinking about food?
EHEHEHE. John, I want spaghetti ohhhh :D

Weeee. Pictures from our Hi Seoul! is in my hands now!
MUAHAHAHA. Let the picture fill the post!

PEEKCHURRSSSSSS shijak!! wtf? ahahaha.
Should i go rave in Ravejoint now? =D

My retarded mouth.

Retarded mouth #2.

I forgot what is this. But SADAP!! I think it's pork :)

My favourite! Kimbapppppp is love.

Cheese Kimbap. I still prefer the ordinary one though. :)

Potato noodles. The rice got hole one.

Bibimbap. This is so chio man. My photography skill also chio :)

The XOXO-ness in this pictures is the shizzz. LOL.

Wooo. My awesome Jessica :D

My samurai pose.

My second cake. I bahagia bah got 2 cakes. wakakaka.

The lovey dovey couple. nyahaha.
Awesome leh the pictures.
To me la. ngehehe.
Installation night is just around the corner.
Ticket is rm55. Siggggghh. Goodbye my precious rm55.
I want cocktail dress. I demand for one. LOL.
They're so freaking pretty.
If only i have tumblr to post all of them up. wakakaka.
But it's a waste of time to create another blog.
What's the point kan?

Cute hoodies!
♥ TheNextBestThing.
Thursday, October 1, 2009

I just download CometBird web browser.
Woots, it's almost like mozilla. But it's better.
I wanted to download Google Chrome but it's add-on is limited.
Opera is said to be slow. LOL.
I think it doesn't really matter.
A fast browser couldn't speed up a slow modem.
Yes, my snail-like internet connection.
It was once fast, but the connection got PMS recently.

Thanks for the wishes everyone!
And the cakes! Nice oh! Ehehe.
17 woots :)
I want to tagih present from John, Floyd and Jude. HAHAHA.
Pembodek bah me.
Though it is kinda impossible to get present from Jude.
I shall hope for a miracle. JENG JENG JENG.

Heading to the Ground episode 5 is out :DDDD
But thanks to my crappy connection.
I can't watch. Sigh.
Even Youtube also cannot oh.
Proof of how lame my connection is.

Amber in Hanbok is so yum. LOL.
But i wanted to see her in female hanbok rather than male hanbok.
Sighhhhhhhh. I feel so shitty crappy right now.

Volleyball tomorrow! Time to lose these fats.
Yep, here. *points to belly fats*
Im not Christine and Danielle bah. Super flat tummy.
Speaking of which, Christine's birthday is tomorrow!
OHYA, and aunty didi's birthday also.

Happy Chuseok :)