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♥ 190th post bah ini.
Thursday, July 30, 2009

These icons are ♥.

He is driving me nuts to the core of my head.
Only Amanda knows. Sigh.

Ala, Lok or Tong? Guess yourself la. wakakaka.

Somebody is being retarded, and making a fool out of himself.
Eh please ah Mr. i-cant-communicate-with-you, i thought you're different.
But in the end, you're just ridiculous and unreasonable just like the others.
I think you need help. TONS OF HELP.

And you Mr. I-still-love-you-with all my heart,
Get the heck out of her life and stop all the stupid statements la.
You're a jerk, and those "love" declaration you made, so fake la.
Only stupid girls will fall for them.

Think twice before you actually " declare your love ".

because of both of you, i'm slamming my keyboard right now.
Imagine if i have both of your heads in my hands.

♥ Flooded.
Monday, July 27, 2009

Yep, my Yahoo! mail is flooded by Facebook notifications.
764 of them. In a deleting process. LOL.

Nice kan? I like oh. But no time to edit.

My retarded dad. HAHAHA.

I'm craving for Ebiko Sushi, crapnesss.
I can like stuff a dozen in my mouth right now, drools.

Woo. And i wanna transform my pick into a necklace.
Jeng3, smart leh. So i have matching necklace with kathlyn.
lalala. Eh, the pick i buy for her one okay? pandai2 you there. LOL.

And a freaking fictionised Jack And Jill rhyme by Ali, he has the-funniest-face-in-the-whole-wide-universe-and-imagining-isn't-enough-wtf.

Jack and Jill went up the hill,
To fetch a pail of water,
Then, Jack and Jill came tumbling down the hill, they were laughing their way down.
"ting!" Light bulb on their heads,
Boom, lahir la keropok Jack and Jill.

So awesome kan him. it's more funnier in real life.
i practically swayed from side to side, back and front, laughing at his lame joke.
But despite the emo-ish Jerry, it was fun all around.

And and and, Walt Disney got movie coming soon right?
Alice in Wonderland. And Johnny Depp, the hot captain Sparrow is in it.
Fuah. Can't wait.
An Australian actress is playing Alice.
Anne Hathaway as The White Queen.

Woo. Dinner time. Ciao, loves.

Jerry takes up alot of space in my mind today.
It's just that i care for Jerry alot.
None other than that.

I miss my daddy. alot.
♥ I'm soshified!
Saturday, July 25, 2009

I want an escape from my life.

Grrrr. Even jessica has that shirt.
Pink looks cute. compared to Jae's white.

WOOO. MY blog isn't dead anymore, amanda.
nyaha. Only syinn's and natalia's blogs are dead.

School was retarded today.
Practically did nothing. NA-DAAAA.
Waste my life bring books, and woke up so early somemore.
But Biology today was fun. woots woots.
We went to library because we were doing nothing but talking (wasting time).
But we kena chase out from the library. Cause the library punya teacher tengah PMS.
She say we all bising, padahal our volume was like looooooowwww.
Cikgu Suriana backed us up, but that teacher ah, bikin panas.

Borrowed 2 books from library today.
Wee. gonna read later. Zodiac Girls and the one below.

The Middle Moffat, looks like an interesting book kan?

Did I ever mention i want a full set of Little Black Dress series?
Buy me teenage novels for my birthday!!
I never dapat books for my birthday.
Nobody knows my secret hobby, READING. LOL.


I freaking freaking freaking love Stereo Skyline.

I've been thinking that, maybe baby.
I've been going a little crazy lately, yeah whatcha gonna do.
And chelsea baby, I can't get you out of my head.

So I spent today, just thinking of ways that I could
Make that smile shine, cause she's sweet on me oh I'll make her see
That she's mine, all mine.

So lets float float float away.
And you'll catch catch me baby.
So I hope you know I'll never let you go away.

So I've been thinking that maybe baby.
I've been going a little crazy lately, yeah whatcha gonna do.
And chelsea baby, can't get you out of my head.

So lets hangout in the clouds, spill our hearts out and get down.
I swear I'll drop a line, if you give me the time we need.

So lets float float float away.
And you'll catch catch me baby.
So I hope you know I'll never let you go oh.

So I've been thinking that maybe baby.
I've been going a little crazy lately, yeah whatcha gonna do.
And chelsea baby can't get you out of my head.

Spinning upside down spill our hearts out and get down.
Or inside out just cause you know that we get around.
Oh so I hope you know, I'll never let you go oh whoah.

So I've been thinking that maybe baby,
I've been going a little crazy lately, yeah whatcha gonna do.
And chelsea baby can't get you out of my head.

(And you'll catch me, and you'll catch me)
So lets float float float away, and you'll catch catch me baby.
Spinning upside down spill our hearts out and get down
♥ I just can't have enough of it.
Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Just saw a freakishly nice cover of Genie.
Gah. Every single member can dance oh.
It's hella synchronised, let alone spacing of the formation.
CRAAAAAP. They even wore matching outfits and heeels.
Nyaaaah. Super awesome S♥NEs!
Anyways, here's the video.
Better watch. Their Etude was great also, too bad it's short.

credits: Jheane718@YT

Bila la sia mau jadi mcm dorang nie ah?
♥ How i wonder what you are.
Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Jeng. Came back from Physics tuition.
I was tired like freak, and i hate public transportation.
But it's the only way i can get home. So have to bear with it.
Tuition was fun, cause jessica was so freaking lame.
We were doing this question about hydraulic jack, then she suddenly ask,in chinese la.
Jessica: Who's jack?
Crap la her. i terus laugh like stupid. Sampai menangis gila.
Then she has alot of FEELS nie. wakkaka. inside joke.

Anyways, kita addicted to 2pm Nickhun la sekarang.
WAKAKA. Super hot thai. Reminds me of Utt. Another super hot thai.
The MTV guy. LOL.

I LOVE 2ne1 la! and 4 minute.
And crap HyunAh can dance la. Grr.
Bah, i'll embed videos.

Addictive. I dont care eh eh eh eh~ LOL.
bah, i'll end here. and continue my starking marathon.
bye loves.
Monday, July 20, 2009

♥ My daddy.
Thursday, July 9, 2009

LOL. I didn't knew he's so artistic. Talk about being a bad daughter.
AHAHA, he drew these free hand.
Check out his masterpieces of the day.

oooh. Bangau.

I believe this is a phoenix.XD!

Spoiler la the paper.
It should be blank A4 bah, not those examination pad paper.
woo. one more essay to copy and BM is done for good. LOL.

♥ Brain is currently stuck.
Wednesday, July 8, 2009

♥ I want.
Sunday, July 5, 2009

OMG. I want that freaking shirt.
I want. I want. And i want.

I want SeoHyun's heels.
Gah. I hate Hyoyeon's heels.
Orange isn't my colour bah. LOL.

Wee. Tokyo Dome was awesome.
See, dreams do come true.
You just need to believe.
I love Dong Bang. Nyaha.
And just because i love YooMin.
credit: as tagged.

♥ save me?
Saturday, July 4, 2009

Everything seems so unreal,
People wont comprehend how I feel.
All the thoughts i conceal,
I know it's a hella bad deal.

Distinct, it's the word i need.
Be frank just for once, i plead.
" I will " is all nonsense.
Intended to deceive.

But remaining silent wasn't a choice,
you're in fear aren't you?
I searched for your voice,
but my mind couldn't recognise you.

it's frustrating.
it's annoying.
it's discouraging.
it's absurd and irritating.

When you feel no one, hear no one, see no one.
Fears dominate.

Are you brave enough to free me from this psychological torment?
♥ loves me.
Friday, July 3, 2009

I dislike rainy days.
Crappppp la. AHAHA. won today.
But i highly doubt that teacher bought the medals and did the certificates..
LEMAH. hahahahaha.
So high chance we're not going on stage on asembly.
Praise God la for the win. Thanks Garry. =)
Learned to trust in God more today. :)
Wee. And GavinU suddenly hugged me today wtfreak.
Lol. yeah when we won, then he was like,
*hugs andrea*

btw, a stupid effin' guy just called me.
Go spam his inbox. 0168185794.
LOL. the conversation was so retarded.
andrea ka nie?
ah, sepa nie?
*hangs up*

Kurang asam. if i know who you are, jaga.
Waste my life to pick up your call.
Oh and Xiao Ying left her bag in school, lol.
Ironic. her bag is like BIG and BLACK in colour but you know.
Humans. Nyaha.

then kan, in class today.
I practically slapped Nazirul with my hair ni. HAHAHAH.
Thanks to greg calling my name, den i quickly turn my head, without realizing he was beside me.
i just realisedd he has BIG EYES.
Dengan derasnya saya pusingkan kepala. LOL.

woo. my hand is officially bruised.
But right hand only.
LALALA. i play retardedly.
and i got sunburn, thansk to PJK. woots.
8am punya sun. uinah. paling kick la boss.
And 1 pm punya sun, lagi laaa.

And in case you don't know, my sis is in kl, and she brought the cleanser with her.
SUCKISH. now im cleaner-less.

Wa. so long oh my post. and if you're still reading, yay!
162 points for you.
♥ Sports week i must say.
Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Yeah, sports week. Football, Futsal and Volleyball.
Huhu. Awesome.
Daddy so macho oh! hahahah.
Oh yeah, and jerry, and kamal, and marshall.
there's more but lazy list out.
GAH. All so so so so macho. GUYS + FOOTBALL = ♥♥♥.
*screams* *spazzes*
Muahaha. Ee syinn will totally smack me, after reading this.
Ee syinn: He's my brother lo. *smacks*

HOHO. I'm crazaaaaay.
Nothing much today.
Oh, he flashed me a smile today.
KYA! almost melted. muahahaha. i think i melted.
GILAAAA. Anyways, i shall stop before i get too hyper.

Woo. Here's a few pictres we took on Sunday.
IT WAS ALL FOR FUN. NO BASHING OR else I'll hunt you down and slit your throat and stuff bugs in your nostrils.
THAT WAS SO DEVILISH. Anyways, here.

The birthday boy. :)

A new twist of family potrait. HAHA.

The mum is gone.

Oh, she's back.
I love my daddy.
But most of all, I love my wife, Kathlyn. Hearts.